Posted by: rbrianphillips | November 13, 2017

Fight Back @ Spammers, and Have Fun Doing It!


The one thing email spammers and phone scammers can’t afford is to spend too much of their time trying to defraud someone. Now, there’s a chatbot that can keep someone going around in circles, and waste their time trying to “talk” to you. You might not get the satisfaction of actually listening in on the conversation, but you can be assured the spammer/scammer is wasting their time trying to convince the chatbot to hand over your bank information, or buy their service (check out Lenny, the chatbot that never lets a scammer off the phone, or Re:Scam, the chatbot that emails spammers back in an endless circle of responses to their requests . . . both links provide hilarious examples of what happens when the chatbot takes over for you).

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