Posted by: rbrianphillips | October 24, 2013

Find a Lost Outlook Folder

Have you ever accidentally moved an Outlook folder, and could no longer find it. This is a great tool: Find a Folder. It saved me countless minutes trying to manually find my rogue folders.

Posted by: rbrianphillips | March 28, 2013

Technology is Polarizing Us, Not Uniting Us

Is technology polarizing us? When was the last time you talked to the person next to you on a plane and made a connection with them, versus scrolling through your emails? When you Google something (e.g. a particular type of restaurant), were the results limited to what you already know and like, or were they serendipitous (e.g. let’s just see what looks interesting)?



Posted by: rbrianphillips | March 27, 2013

Online Proofers Needed

There’s a serious need for online proofers these days. While USAToday isn’t the sole offender, I’ve seen more terribly-edited articles such as this one on their site than on other news sites. Is this the result of trying to get a story out ahead of the competition?



Posted by: rbrianphillips | March 11, 2013

Make Your Phone a Hotspot

Frustrated that you can’t find a nearby hotspot, and you need to get online now! Look no further. For just $29.95/year, you can make your smartphone a hotspot with


Posted by: rbrianphillips | March 1, 2013

Disable Email Forwarding

Here’s a nifty tool when you want to send a sensitive email, and don’t want it forwarded. Try this NoReplyAll Add-In by Microsoft Research. Works with Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013.


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